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We are no longer accepting new mis-selling PPI claims due to the PPI deadline on 29th August 2019. All our existing customer we will continue to process your claim and update you as your claim progresses.

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SW Reclaim is a trading style of Shepherd and West Ltd which is a claims management company who is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority. You do not need to use a claims management company to make a complaint to your lender you can do this yourself and if your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the financial ombudsman service yourself for free
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What is PPI - Payment Protection Insurance?

If you have borrowed money on a loan, credit card or mortgage – you may have been sold or been forced to take out something that is called Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). Payment Protection Insurance is designed to protect the borrowers’ ability to maintain their repayments in the event that they get sick, or unable to work through an accident or unemployment.

If you have taken a loan, credit card or any other finance in the last 20 years with payment protection insurance, you could be eligible to claim this money back. In some cases, PPI was unnecessary, unsuitable and was mis sold as the policy would have offered little assistance for you. Although this information should have been obtained from you at the outset some of the lenders made a sale regardless of making sure the policy was suitable to yourself. This means if you tried to make a claim, the insurance may not have covered your needs.

Of course insurance can prove very important and in some instances benefited the consumer. However there were some occasions when the banks didn't do the necessary checks at the outset to make sure the policy was suitable. This meant when you came to make a claim, the insurance may not have have covered you. We can assess your circumstances to see if this was you!

How Do I Know if I Have Been Mis-sold a Payment Protection Policy?

When you were sold the policy your advisor should have made sure the payment protection insurance was appropriate for your circumstances at the time the advice was given.

Please check below to see if any are applicable to you:

  • You were told you had to take out PPI or you would not get the loan
  • You were self employed or unemployed at the time of the loan
  • You felt pressured into taking the PPI
  • You paid off your loan early and never got a PPI refunded
  • You were told with PPI you had a better chance of being accepted for the loan
  • You were lead to believe that the PPI policy was compulsory
  • You increased or topped up your loan and the PPI was added automatically

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